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My son Rob suffered a spinal cord injury when he was 17 years old that left him paralyzed from the waist down; no movement or bodily functions were possible. He was hospitalized for 3 months at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital in Philadelphia, and we were not sure that he would ever walk again. He was being taught how to use a wheelchair, and he became quite proficient, but the obvious goal was to somehow get him able to stand and walk on his own power.


As a parent, I have never felt more helpless. For some reason, I chose my daily showering as my crying time. And there were lots of others, as well.


Rob was allowed to come home on weekends, and at about 6 weeks into his rehab, something miraculous happened while he was sitting on our living room couch watching TV….


One of his toes moved. He was regaining nerve activity. Rob attended his Junior prom catheterized, in his wheelchair. We went to see his favorite band at the time, Whitesnake, at the Spectrum. Nothing was going to hold him back. We were all elated.


The Magee staff seized the opportunity to work him - HARD - and after 6 more weeks in the hospital, Rob had regained enough strength in his legs to be able to stand on crutches. We welcomed him home, knowing that with additional hard work, our collective dream of him walking again could become a reality. He caught up on his schoolwork with private tutoring. Lots of prayers and hard work made it happen, and after a year of incredible angst and worry, Rob had made it back on his feet again. He has earned his PhD, and currently teaches science courses at the high school and college levels, has a wonderful wife and two beautiful daughters.


If this could happen to my son, a big, strong guy, it could happen to anyone.


To me, Christopher Reeve became Superman AFTER he suffered the spinal cord injury which eventually robbed him of his life. He became an advocate of spinal cord injury research, and used his celebrity status to create the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation, which has advanced the efforts to find new and advanced ways to help heal victims of spinal cord injuries.Christopher Reeve had become a hero again.


I’ve been gifted with some musical ability, and I decided that it was the one personal resource I could use to help support a very worthy cause. There is no better feeling than to entertain people with great, timeless music, and having an end result which helps others in need. It’s a true blessing, and it’s my way of saying thanks to God for my son’s recovery.


A happy ending, indeed…


Many Thanks for your Support!

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